13 Best Tips, Tricks and Timesavers for MAC Users

Apple has been putting continuous efforts in innovating MAC computers. Though MAC products are very expensive and many professional software developers do not prefer to use them, they are one of the most sold and used computers of this generation. With every new evolving iOS version, Apple tries to release the best possible feature for its users. There are many great features that can save time and make the usage easy for the users, which you wouldn’t have known.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks for Mac users

1. Capturing Screenshots:

Mac can capture screenshots in two different ways. If you want to take a screenshot of the whole screen, simply press Command+Shift+3. In case you want to capture a part of your screen, press Command+Shift+4. Further, select the part you want by simply clicking and dragging the cursor.

2. End Program:

Ever wondered MAC can be as easy as Windows to end running programs?!! All you need to do is, press Command+Option+Esc which will open a window where you can select and force quit any/all open applications on your PC.

3. Use of Spotlight:

Spotlight is one of the most attractive and handy applications for Mac users so far. Every Mac user would know that Spotlight is used to search any files and applications on your Mac computer. However, Spotlight has more to offer. You can use Spotlight as a quick calculator or a currency converter. You can also use it to obtain a quick weather report.

4. Loading customized app list while you boot your Mac:

You can easily customize the list of apps you want your Mac to load every time you boot. All you have to do is go to System Preferences > Users&Groups > Login Items (Check and Un check).

5. Find words on Safari:

Many times while searching something, you tend to misspell the word or loose the exact word. Safari for Mac would suggest you with options of similar words or search results. Just press Fn+F5 while you are typing and it lists down alternative words/phrases.

6. Find your cursor:

Have you ever come across the enlarged cursor on your Mac and wondered why did it happen? There is a reason behind it. When we have multiple functionalities active on the PC, you tend to lose the cursor. Enlarged cursor makes it easier for the user to locate it. Just shake the mouse a couple of times, the cursor would enlarge for a fraction of seconds and you can again get hold of it.

7. Hide your Menu bar:

You can save the setting for automatically hiding the menu bar, which is commonly known as dock on Mac. Go to System Preferences > Dock (Check “Automatically Hide and Show the Dock”).

8. Work on two things simultaneously:

You can get 2 static windows without dragging or minimizing the windows on the screen. All you need to do is hold the green button on the left corner of your active window and select the other screen you need to work on simultaneously. You can then adjust the two screens as per your requirement.

9. Customize your Dock:

Mac provides you with a default layout of Dock with minimum applications. You can add or remove applications from the dock according to your requirement. All you have to do is hold the application, drag it to the screen and drop it when it suggests “remove”. Typically, the application needs to be closed to perform this function. Then, arrange the applications at your own convenience and need.

10. Get 4 corners of your Mac functional:

Mac also has an amazing trick of getting the 4 corners of your screen, known as the Hot Corners, functional. Go to System Preferences > Mission Controls > Hot Corners and select from the list available for the 4 “Hot Corners”. Now when you take the cursor to a particular corner, it will work as saved.

11. Change the format of the file:

You can save a file in the format of your choice. You do not need photoshop to make the changes. Just change the format of any file while saving it.

12. Record Screens on Mac:

Mac provides an inbuilt QuickTime Player, which is not only used for playing songs and videos but also used for recording audio and video screens. Now, there is no need to install external tools and players for recording on your computer.

13. Volume Up and Down:

There are times when the volume is too low and if increased by even a point, it is too high. Here is a trick to play with that. Hold Option+Shift and press the Volume button up or down as required. This will increase or decrease the volume in small segments. You can also use the same trick for increasing or decreasing the brightness of your screen.

These are the few tips and tricks, which can be useful for all the Mac users. In case you were ever wondering building an application on Mac PC or tablet but never accomplished it as it is a complex system to use. Not anymore! Give a second thought on getting your new application for iOS. For more information on the website and mobile applications, Contact Bexcode Services at http://bexcodeservices.com/contact-us.