8 Reasons To Use Google Analytics

Do you want to know if your Search Engine Optimization efforts are working or not? Google Analytics will provide you with all the measurable data you need. It is the most widely used web analytics application used today, and for good reason.

Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

By creating a website conversion goal in Analytics, you will be able to track your progress at a glance.

By looking at Advanced Segments, you can track which of your online marketing campaign brings the most conversion and traffic.

Focusing on a location-based audience makes it so much easier to deliver the right campaign. By looking at the Location demographics in Google Analytics, you will know which country or location to target your ad.

Learning how your website visitors behave will give you an insight as to what’s working and what’s not. Check out Behavior Flows and set different variables that will give you a more intimate understanding of your online users.

One of the reasons that people leave your website after a few seconds is because they didn’t find what they were looking for. Through Site Search, you will find the most common words and phrases they used on your website’s search bar. Bexcode services are the best SEO company in Tampa, Florida USA.

Curious as to where most visitors linger? Under Site Content on Google Analytics, you will see your top content, which will guide you in creating future content.

Of course, you should see which page in your website gets snubbed frequently, so you can improve it. Check the menu for your top exit pages.

Your website’s speed can affect user behavior, especially if it’s slow or non-moving. This will affect your search engine ranking as well. Through Site Speed, you can monitor download speed and ensure everything works as it should. Contact us for more information.