Benefits of Creating a Website on WordPress for Small Businesses

When it comes to a perfect Content Management System (CMS), we always start our count with WordPress. Today, over 75 million websites, blogs, and microsites run on WordPress. Some of them are very popular with 4000+ unique visitors a day.

Why is it convenient to have a WordPress website for small business owners?

Assume you are an owner of a small grocery store or a pharmacy or a gym bearing 15 regular visitors. However, you do not have a website for your business. A WordPress powered website is the easiest way to establish your web presence. The benefits of hosting your website on WordPress are:

One of the best features that WordPress offers is highly customized content building. You can build rich and attractive content with the help of WYSIWYG editor, without the need of acquiring HTML or design knowledge. You can change the style, add images and add links as and where you want.

WordPress Community is huge and so are the contributors. If you do not like the look of your website, then you can change it simply by browsing for new themes. Within few minutes, your website will have a whole new look and feel to it. There are almost 30,000 WordPress themes available to download and install, for free. Moreover, there are paid theme options available, which could offer more flexibility. You can also customize the theme with the help of professional website designers and developers like Bexcode Services.

Other than the appearance of the website, the functionalities offered are also important. Previously, it was very expensive to build an inquiry form on the website. However today, there are almost 100,000 plugins available in the market with more than half of them available for free. You can get essential features such as inquiry emails, request for quotes and feedback forms within minutes with the help of these plugins. You can also achieve some cool functionalities for e-commerce websites, banners, galleries, contact forms, or even social media shares.

It is easy to create an eCommerce website for a small to medium scale business on WordPress. Plugins like WooCommerce would help you take your online store live. Nowadays, it is very important for small scale businesses to extend their presence on the web. Using WordPress and with a little help from the professionals, you can start your own eCommerce store. It is also very important to build customer loyalty as your business grows. For which, you may want to walk an extra mile. For instance, sending customers greetings on their birthdays; or sending a discount coupon to use on your eCommerce store; or informing customers about your products. You can easily run marketing campaigns like sending SMS or emails using WordPress Plugins. All you need to know is how to gather their phone numbers or email addresses. BexCode Services, have experts to help you with WordPress. For more information visit or call 855-9-239263.