13 Best Tips, Tricks and Timesavers for MAC Users

tips, tricks, hacks and timesaver for MAC users

Apple has been putting continuous efforts in innovating MAC computers. Though MAC products are very expensive and many professional software developers do not prefer to use them, they are one of the most sold and used computers of this generation. With every new evolving iOS version, Apple tries to release the best possible feature for… Read More »

Top 4 Swift 4 Updates that has Made the Developer’s Job Easy.

Swift 4- New updates

After the introduction of NodeJS, there has been no such launch that would fascinate the developers’ fraternity, until the recent launch of Swift 4. The popularity of iOS platforms has shift people’s attention to Swift 4. Swift 3, introduced last September, made its impact and drove people away from Objective C, a development language Apple traditionally used. Moreover,… Read More »

What’s new in Apple’s iOS 11?

new Apple’s iOS 11?

Apple’s new iOS version brings the latest updates in iPhones as well as iPads. Apple has evolved its devices and iOS versions, over time. iOS 11 should be the biggest update amongst all the previously launched operating systems. Below are some updates that are likely to come with the launch of iOS 11. Apple Pay: iOS 11… Read More »