Benefits of Creating a Website on WordPress for Small Businesses

Website Hosting Benefits on WordPress

When it comes to a perfect Content Management System (CMS), we always start our count with WordPress. Today, over 75 million websites, blogs, and microsites run on WordPress. Some of them are very popular with 4000+ unique visitors a day. Why is it convenient to have a WordPress website for small business owners? Assume you… Read More »

4 Most Common Website Traffic Killing Mistakes

SEO works as a wizardry for targeting traffic on your website. Although SEO helps in increasing the website traffic, it can also lead to a rapid decrease. The primary goal of building a website is to inform people about your business. 4 most common website traffic killing mistakes that website auditors come across are, Content… Read More »

8 Reasons To Use Google Analytics

Do you want to know if your Search Engine Optimization efforts are working or not? Google Analytics will provide you with all the measurable data you need. It is the most widely used web analytics application used today, and for good reason.     Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics Create a goal  … Read More »