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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an advanced way of viewing desktop web pages in various devices depending on the device size. Responsive Web Design gives a dynamic change to the occurrence of a website.

Responsive Web Design reacts to the necessity of client by changing the format of the website as indicated by the device utilized. The design changes as indicated by the ability and size of the gadget.Responsive Web Design is one solution to the problem of developing websites for multiple devices accessible by customers varying from large desktops to tiny mobile devices. Bexcode came up with the Responsive Web Design services as shifting between devices lead to losing visitors on the web page. Responsive Web Design is vital for business development as it makes clients return to a site over and over. By propelling this administration, Bexcode extends its compass to a huge number of brands all inclusive.

Benefits of Responsive Web Designs


This does not limit the use of your application to a fixed size of devices. The Responsive Web Design websites are fluid, that is the content are adjust itself depending on the device they are accessed from.




The use of Responsive Web Design websites reduce the cost of developing a different website for different devices as a single website can be viewed from all the devices without malfunctioning the content.


Cost Effective

Easy Management

Having one site for all devices reduces the managing efforts required for the SEO drive.


Easy Management

Why should we use Responsive Web Design?

Increase in Mobile Usage:

There has been a remarkable increase in the use of mobile devices in last decade. Use of responsive web design allows one to reach to a huge crowd that uses mobile devices for all sites whether it is for browsing or shopping.

Responsive Web Design improves SEO Rankings:

Responsive website designs are google recommended as they provide a user-friendly experience for websites on mobile platforms which will increase the SEO rankings for the website as the google search algorithms for mobile websites are different than desktop websites.

Future Beneficiary:

With the continuous increase in technologies and new upcoming devices, it is better to have a responsive website that will be ready for any future coming device, that avoids re-developing the website for any new device, which decreases the redevelopment cost.

Bexcode provides following services for responsive website designs:

  • Designing responsive website layouts
  • Designing personalized website features, unique artworks, and graphics
  • Creating database is driven web applications
  • Building mobile friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • Developing unique presentations/slide shows and social networking integration