Top 10 Rules a Website Designer Should Follow.

An effective website is reviewed by its users on the basis of the website design and not by the brand name associated with it. Along with the functionality of the website, the look and feel of it are also very important. The aesthetics of the website not only increase the frequency of visitors but also increase the time they spend on it. The website designer should consider a number of factors while designing a website.

Here are the 10 most important website designing rules that the website designer should keep in mind while developing a website.


The main aim of building a website is to provide product and service information and impart knowledge to the user. A website developer should always focus on the purpose of developing a website mainly at the designing stage. The main purpose of the website should be visible to the user “above the fold”.


While a user is going through a website, he/she should not feel that they are looking into a new website with each new web page they visit. The format and layout of the website should be consistent. The consistency of the website not only includes consistency in the format and layout but also consistency in providing information and in choosing the color codes.


Mobiles are the most frequently used digital devices in today’s era. The website designer should check if his website is cross-platform feasible.  That is, the user should be able to access all the information on their mobile devices as easily as they can on a desktop.


Every reader, either reading a book or going through a website, prefers a specific flow. They tend to read from top to bottom and from left to right. Keeping this pattern in mind, the website designer should maintain a flow to avoid information to scatter.


Choosing the right color combination for the website is a very important task for the website designer. Colors make the website visually appealing and attractive for the visitors. It also helps to brand a website. Every designer should follow the 60-30-10 rule for coding the colors. 60% should be the major/base color of the website. 30% is the color that is to be used in half the proportion of the major/base color used. And the remaining 10% is the throw color that a website builder can use for the tabs and links on the website. While deciding the color code the website designer should keep brand colors in mind.


It is rightly said that the Visual Memory is the best memory. Selecting the right place for the right image is an important key for a website. Moreover, choosing the right image helps the users to understand the message one likes to convey to the visitors. Further, placing those images at the appropriate place on the website gauges the visitor’s attention.


Many-a-times, the designer thinks that having a lot of white space would show the inadequacy of information on the website. Rather, having white spaces helps the user understand the information better. White spaces help the user to visually divide the content on the website and get a clear understanding of the information.


The users/visitors are looking for simple solutions to their doubts or queries on the website. Do not make the user over think with the complex format on your website. Maximum users do not read, they just scan through your website. Hence, the information they are looking for should be simply stated and easily available.


Header and Footer should be the core of the website. Any user looks for important links and pages on header and footer. Hence, make sure you list all the necessary links to your website on them.


Simplicity is a very attractive feature for your website design. Even though a website builder uses numerous resources for building a website, everything goes in vain if the website is not easy to read or easily accessible. One should not forget that the website, even if it is specific to a particular industry, would have visitors who do not understand that field of study. Therefore, it is very important to keep the website simple and elegant. It is very easy to create a good functional website considering the 10 factors stated above. Visit Bexcode Services to have a look at the output when these 10 factors are kept in mind while designing a website.