What Is A Microsite? And Does My Business Need One?

A website can be complex thus difficult to navigate for some. A microsite is small, simple, and focused on one topic. It exists on a separate domain from the parent site, but it can also live in a subdomain. Microsites are used to achieve different objectives. Most companies use them for specific campaigns, products, and projects.

Chanel, a popular fashion brand, has a microsite called Inside Chanel which provides consumers with the opportunity to learn their history through multimedia content. The site makes the history of the fashion house more accessible. Moreover, it also highlights their success over the years. The popular beverage brand, Coca-Cola, used a microsite called Taste the Feeling that shows the different emotions felt by consumers of the famous drink. The company also capitalized on the popularity of the product by allowing any of the 32 emotion-based icons to be shared on social media.

Reasons to Make Microsites

You may wonder why you need microsites when you already have the main website for your company. Main company websites tend to be so standardized that it fails to allow brands to be creative in order to reach a specific audience. A microsite is a solution to this problem, and here are reasons to make one. Bexcode Services provides website design and development services at very competitive rate.

1. It creates brand awareness

Elf Yourself is the holiday season advertising campaign for OfficeMax, an American office supplies retailer. The microsite allows users to upload their own photos to be transformed into dancing elves. which can be sent as electronic cards to friends and family. The campaign doesn’t say much about OfficeMax but it does make people aware of the brand. It’s important to make potential customers aware of your existence before they purchase your products or services.

2. It provides a space for specialized content

GE Reports is the microsite where GE hosts a range of content including innovations and perspectives. The site also features articles focused on GE. Microsites are basically avenues for showcasing expertise and any company across various industries can use this to their advantage.

3. It provides in detail explanation of specific products

Interactive and animated microsites are some of the most popular formats available. You can sell a product better once a customer fully understands what it is all about. The information can be presented through an infographic or an interactive animation. This not only provides much-needed information but also engages the customer. Microsites are not the perfect fit for every business. They are useful marketing tools that free you from the constraints of the main company website.