What’s new in Apple’s iOS 11?

Apple’s new iOS version brings the latest updates in iPhones as well as iPads. Apple has evolved its devices and iOS versions, over time. iOS 11 should be the biggest update amongst all the previously launched operating systems.

Below are some updates that are likely to come with the launch of iOS 11.

  1. Apple Pay:

iOS 11 has an easier way of paying money. Securely link your credit card to Apple Pay and pay your friends just through messages.

2. Live Photos:

Live Photos are more interesting with iOS 11. You can loop the live photos to make an expressive video.This feature also suggests photos that can be used to make a perfect video.

3. Camera:

iOS 11 brings a whole new professional filter that enhances the picture quality and gives more natural tones. The compression technology helps to save the photos at half the size maintaining the same professional quality.

4. Messages:

The newly designed app drawer gives an easy access to all the apps.

5. Apple Music:

Discover new songs and new artists with the new iOS 11. You can also view which artists your friends follow and the songs they listen to.

6. Control Center:

iOS 11 has a newly designed control center with a customizable feature. Add the applications that you use the most and customize the control center for easy access.

7. Lock Screen:

iOS 11 new features provide a more organized look of the notifications on your lock screen. To view all the missed and latest notifications, just pull down the screen from the top.

8. Do not disturb:

The new do not disturb feature can help sense that you are driving and the people trying to contact you can automatically be notified about it.

9. Maps:

Maps can now help you with indoor guides. Find out which restaurants or stores at the airport are past security or which level they are located in a shopping mall. Maps now also make navigation easy by showing which lane to drive in.

10. Quick Type Keyboard:

iOS 11 also enables one hand typing. It offers Left-hand and Right-hand Keyboards.

Apple is likely to launch the iOS 11 update this fall with these interesting features, which is worth the wait. This iOS version encourages the use of different apps. So if you are thinking of building an iOS app, this is the perfect time. Get started with your new iPhone/iPad application today!! Visit bexcode services to get a quote for your new mobile device application.