Angular vs React: Who Rules the Smart Web?

Javascript frameworks: Angular vs React

You must have come across the term “Smart Web” quite often. “Smart Web” stands for the platform agnostic web application that is resourceful and gives the user a feel for a singular app. On the contrary, the conventional web applications are, usually, a collection of pages. Angular and React are the two examples of most popular… Read More »

Surface Pro vs. MacBook Pro: A Comparison of Technology Specifications

Does Apple MacBook pro get competition from Microsoft Surface pro

Portability is considered the most important factor while making any new device purchase. The digital device market is full of lightweight gadgets. MacBook has been the market leader for lightweight and thin size laptops. As a matter of fact, MacBook computers did not face any competition, until the 2nd quarter of this year. Windows decided… Read More »

7 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Business Successful

How to Make Your eCommerce Business Successful

E-commerce is the most thriving industry of 2017’s business world. With the growth of the digital world, eCommerce business proves to be a boon for the business owners as well as the users. There are various reasons to justify the growth of eCommerce businesses in the current market. This growth seems to sustain in the… Read More »

13 Best Tips, Tricks and Timesavers for MAC Users

tips, tricks, hacks and timesaver for MAC users

Apple has been putting continuous efforts in innovating MAC computers. Though MAC products are very expensive and many professional software developers do not prefer to use them, they are one of the most sold and used computers of this generation. With every new evolving iOS version, Apple tries to release the best possible feature for… Read More »