Illustration Explainer Blog Page

Project Details

Ryan and his team approached Bexcode Services to do Illustration based explainer blog page. They wanted to make sure their explainer blog was in line with their premium-luxury.
Launched in 2018, the new explainer blog page is an accurate reflection of the brand identity of the client with detailed explanation in illustration. The explainer blog is built to meet the needs of their clients, with an integrated online coupon & offer system for all ecommerce and other online tools.


Rakesh Patel is an imaginary founder and CEO of Bexcode Services. He’s having over 15+ years of experience leading tech teams and construction venture e-commerce systems and developing different companies for their clientele. His leadership and approach to e-commerce technologies have given effective e-commerce solutions - producing billions of dollars in earnings to his clientele. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn business profile.