How 180k+ Creators Confidently Record Professional Video

It’s a user-friendly app that shows your script while you record your video, so you never have to record in a second re-take.

Effortlessly record high-quality videos with any iOS device

Teleprompter: Scripts-Subtitle is an online video caption unique app that helps improve your videos’ quality with captions.

Create Effortlessly Professional-Sounding Videos

With the help of Teleprompter; you can record videos on any iOS device in 4K, change your script on-the-fly, and read at your speed without worrying about forgetting your lines.


Check-Out Our Amazing Features

There are multiple features that helps to improve your video quality

No Character Limit
Professional Presentation of Your Videos
4K Video Recording
Record in Landscape or Portrait Orientation
Adjustable Text Window
Create, Import, Edit, Save and Share Unlimited Scripts
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Active Devices

Teleprompter is the top-rated professional App for any IOS device that helps you to create high-quality videos in minutes. Make your video presentations less stressful and more efficient. Read your script beside the camera, so you’re always looking toward the camera. It scrolls the scripts next to the camera lens to ensure you are looking directly into the camera at all times. So, No need to memorize lines; read from the prompter while recording the video.

Benefits of Using Teleprompter: Scripts-Subtitle App

There are lots of benefits that we’ve collected here

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Our Happy Users Reviews

A Smarter Way to Create Quality Videos

Our teleprompter app is very easy to use; it has an intuitive, trendy design that will allow you to record your videos in minutes. Just paste in your text, click to record, and when you’re finished, you can click ‘Edit’ to add subtitles to your video, cut/trim, crop, add titles, and many more things you can do!

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